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Horsham - 26th February 2017 - (Article Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017)

Thank you to everybody who made for a great days racing at Home Farm Horsham on Sunday. The track was slightly wetter than I thought it would be, as my tv said all week it would be dry from Wednesday through the weekend. Well wrong again, we had patchy rain all day Saturday which I could deal with, with it being windy when I finished at 9.30pm. I thought great, it would dry the to nicely, again wrong as the rain woke me several times during the night. Well not much I can do about the weather so out again removing what I could Sunday morning. Once practice & heats were done the track pitched out a bit for some very fast & close racing.
A group came to the line for the first time and what some speed they were achieving. Luke Spillett on the Husky sped away & never looked to be caught all race opening up a country mile of a lead. Ben Crane was in a comfortable 2nd with Michael Luther & Louis Close but shortly Peter Andrews would charge up to 2nd. Our own Joe Maguire was on the boil & decided to dump it right in front of me in the wettest bit of mud I had left on the track. Should have gone to Specsavers maybe Joe!!!!
Race 2 This time we had a different leader for a while when Ben Crane hit the front with Louis 2nd & Jamie Cox 3rd, then after 3 laps Luke resumed his position at the front with Ben & Jamie having a good old scrap for 2nd, on the last lap Jamie came through for 2nd with Ben 3rd.
Race 3 was dominated by Luke again with Jamie Cox coming through for 2nd & Michael Luther 3rd.
Very exciting racing to watch as all through the field there were titanic battles.
B group came to the line for their 1st race & Paul Smith led for a lap before Chris Smith took over to win in fine style with Mark Dunning in 2nd at the flag,  Martin Forrest 3rd & Graham Tills back from injury in 4th.
Gary Tipping led out of the first lap with Chris Smith taking up the reins to the flag with Gary going back to 3rd by the end with Anthony Brown 2nd. This race was slightly shorter due to Ronnie Stratton coming to grief & needing an ambulance (everyone at SMX wishes him a speedy recovery)
The last race was again dominated by Chris Smith from start to finish with Paul Smith in 2nd,  Dan Johnson 3rd & Graham Tills 4th.
And so the day finished & we look forward to Elvetham Forest on Sunday.
Perhaps soon it will be dry & I won't have to move so much dirt/mud's hoping!!!!!!!!
Thanks & well done everyone. Good days racing. 
Cheers.   James

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