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Horsham Heroes - (Article Date: Monday, February 6, 2017)

Horsham Heroes 
James D King - captains log- start date 5/2/17.
What can I say but well done all that rode today, you're all heroes in my book. Thank you.
To give you an idea why we ran; we arrived Friday night with the forecast saying good weather ( great, no more staying at home!). So we brought up an old machine to prep the track with Saturday, which went really well, with the track drying nicely by the time I finished at 7pm. Walking back from the machine the moon was out (must remember my belt in future!!) & things were good.......then the rain woke me up in the night & there were a few colourful words uttered!!!! 
We ran the meeting regardless because we didn't want to let you guys down, so back on the machine to try & at least give you a chance to race.
I didn't manage to see much racing as I was grading & draining the rest of the track, but the glimpses I did see made me smile.
Thank you as always to the SMX team & all you riders and a huge thank you to those of you who came across to show your appreciation for running (top guys) It means the world to us both.
Thanks to Andrew Syson Click 466 (Mr Kodak!!) for supporting us & keeping my chin up with his banter!!!( what happened to my banana cake?? - tight wad 🍌🍰)
Hope you all got some of the fantastic photos Andy was producing.
Hope to get some reports on the meetings in the near future, just not been able to as always doing something to the track, it will change!! You guys deserve a great write up.
News on Northchapel before the weekend and we will keep you all up to date. Thanks again. James.