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Statement from SMX co-ordinator James King. - (Article Date: Sunday, January 8, 2017)

Hi everyone- not really my thing being on social media, but I feel I must put forward the views of Sadie & myself from our side of the fence ( or maybe track!)

After riding in motocross since 1981 with various times off for the normal injuries and work, we now find ourselves running motocross meetings to the best of our ability with what we have available; which is easier in the spring, summer and autumn due to better weather.
In the winter there is very little interest in riding tracks in wet, cold and atrocious track conditions: hats off to those of you who like these conditions (hardcore) but unfortunately these numbers do not make a race meeting.

So due to this, in the winter the weather will indeed play its part in whether we run or not. We will only run if the weather is dry for at least 3 days before the meeting, but unfortunately frost also causes us problems; as the frost thaws and causes as much wet in the soil as rain, making for truly awful riding conditions. It also means getting the tracks prepared for good weather meetings is a absolute nightmare. We want meetings to run as much, if not more, than you guys. Hopefully we will get some good weather soon, allowing us to have some fun and come the spring back to every weekend. We will do our best, unfortunately we do not control the weather.

The tracks will be altered slightly; maybe reversing direction of travel etc. This will take us a little time to achieve. It's more evolution than revolution, but there will be some changes over the year once the season truly begins again.

On to the championships:
3 race championships will have 2 straight races with the 3rd race being an ability handicap. So results from either race 1 or 2 will be taken into account for start positions in the 3rd race.
Discretion of the chief lap scorer will be taken into account, so if you are normally a race winner but you have a disastrous race you may still end up starting down the field. ( Katie's decision is final, don't even try and argue with her).
We would also like to encourage more twinshock riders by including an open twinshock championship open to all ages; this will not effect the over 40 twinshock championship.

As for start gates etc... Yes, I would love to provide these straight away, but it's a chicken & egg scenario, where we need a good number of riders to finance such items, but this is not out of the question and will not be ruled out in the future.

The main emphasis will be on track preparation & alterations to start with when the weather gets better. Any work conducted at the moment will result in severe track damage. (We do know what we are talking about as we have 26 years experience in groundwork for farm complexes under our belts, so we are always in mud!!)
It's been an extremely difficult year for us taking this on, but was made easier by the fantastic SMX team that turn up week in, week out. You all know who you are and we thank you all very much.
We hope this gives you some insight into our thoughts and actions and hope to get racing every week soon.