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Prepartion of tracks - (Article Date: Monday, April 4, 2016)

Reasons forTony Fordís Moto X track preparation style.

 SMX tracks are wide with mainly straight lines joined by 180% bends. The jumps are kept under 45% angles, to make it more likely riders will land right side up. I canít rule out pilot error but it certainly helps. The modern addiction to vertical jumps is even putting the worldís best riders in hospital. I prefer my riders to have a good days racing and go home in one piece.

  Tracks are bulldozed between events. Different surfaces require alternative methods to ensure events run where humanly possible.            For instance

 Horsham should not be bulldozed on the hills during Winter. Between November and the end of April unless dry weather is guaranteed three dry days prior to the event including the night before. The reason for this is if the hills are bulldozed in this period ,then rain occurs, the bottom of the hills will be boggy and slippery and the filled in dips on the hills, will quickly reappear, giving sharp edged slippery bumps and deep ruts, making racing difficult. The track then doesnít dry properly. If the hills are left alone the water runs off and the track dries quickly, giving a bumpy but rideable track.

 Elvetham and Elvetham Forest should be bulldozed as soon as possible after the event. Then drained immediately after the first rainfall following the levelling of the track. Then left until race day.

 Heavy overnight or morning rain, no matter which system is used, will make cancellation likely as riders donít turn up in these conditions.

 The event run on Easter Monday at Elvetham Forest, was run on a track prepared in this fashion. The result even Storm Katie couldnít spoil the excellent surface, giving a great days racing for a small entry.

 However the event scheduled for 3 April at Horsham was cancelled because the track was bulldozed ,against my better  judgement, following complaints by riders threatening not ride if it wasnít bulldozed. As the forecast was for dry weather from Thursday right through the weekend, I took the chance working on the track all day Thursday and Saturday afternoon. Not for first time the MET office had got it wrong, with heavy rain setting in by 5pm and continuing for a considerable time. Making  the track unr ideable despite dry weather on Sunday.

  I will in future stick to my beliefs. After 34 years I should know what works with my tracks.