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Apology for late cancellation on Jan 17th - (Article Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2016)


 I AM SORRY WE HAD TO CANCEL Elvetham at the last minute. Unfortunately I believed the forecast on the BBC. They forecast ON Thursday night that it would stay dry until Sunday night, with Sunday being very cold leaving the ground frozen. I bulldozed the track, which would have given a solid dry top surface with  good grip.I was halfway to the track on Sunday morning. When I was told it was snowing there. I turned round and came home through the sleet. My son put the bad news on the website. Paul Williams closed the track up and told two riders who had travelled from Bristol the previous day, the bad news. Paramedics and officials had to be told. Barry the caterer got to the gate at 7:30 where Paul told him.

 We will try again at Elvetham this weekend. We just need two dry days and the track will be fine.