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Presentation Evening - (Article Date: 17 March 2013)


 The presentation night attendance was smaller than usual, although those who attended thoroughly enjoyed it.

 The clubman of the year award is given to the person who I think has done something that I think is beneficial to the club. For example, found a piece of land, marshalled for many years etc.

 This year Paul Aylward was awarded the clubman of the year for his amazing determination to recover from his nasty accident in October at Northchapel. He has refused to be beaten by the injuries and helped by his wife Lynn appears to be recovering well . He isn’t there yet but you wouldn’t know it if you saw him. He covers the effects very well. He has an amazingly positive attitude, setting targets and achieving them.  He is a splendid example to follow. Never let yourself be beaten, whatever the problem.

 Every year I compose and sing a song to someone who has given me an excuse to do so. Last year it was Rob Embery, this year it was Danielle Hipgrave, she was stunned and chuffed when she realised she was the target of my songwriting. Putting on the Danielle Style.